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Download soundtrack:
(First track on the album)

Models and directors in order of first appearance:
00:07 Iana Little by Holly Randall (Playboy)
00:10 Chelsie Aryn by Sasha Eisenman (Playboy)
00:12 Elsa by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)
00:15 Martha by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)
00:22 Elsa by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)
00:25 Lilly by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)
00:39 Adriana by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)
00:45 Madi Meadows by Holly Randall (Playboy)
00:58 Alessandra by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)
01:01 Jac by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)
01:06 Candice by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)
01:25 Courtney
01:40 Behati by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)
03:09 Stella by Russell James (Victoria’s Secret)

Soundtrack info:
This soundtrack is a remix of ‘Adagio for Tron’ by Daft Punk for Walt Disney’s movie called TRON. Similar to my ´Adagio for strings´ remix, both songs are based around the orchestral originals. In all honesty, I get to thank ´GermanSeaBass´ for his excellent arrangement of the original. I first tried to recreate the orchestral version to get a good feel of the track and the musical patterns. Then I doubled the tempo and replaced the majority of instruments with synthesizers. Added a beat and rearranged the tracks to sound more Trancy.

My music available online:
To much of my delight, I have found ‘’. This is a service to sell my music online on all of the large music e-stores like Itunes, Rdio, Spotify.
Believe it or not, but you can even shazam the music from my videos! If you’d like to support my work by purchasing my first

Video credits:
For the footage of this video I used multiple sources:
* Scenes from Victoria Secret’s first big photoshoot of 2015
* Amazing girls from Playboy
* a model named Courtney whose background is kind of a mystery. If someone knows where I can find more info on this girl? Please leave a comment so I can add the details to this description.
About the material from Playboy; as usual I left out the juiciest sexy bits from the original footage. Why? Being a big fan of Playboy, my aim is not to cost them any subscribers. Also I don’t need a lawsuit on my hands. Get the full length uncensored material from the source at (Requires paid subscription)
Neither Playboy nor Victoria’s Secret are affiliated with me or this production. Copyrights belong to the respective owners.

3D Graphics and video editing:


Notice to webmasters:
Feel free to embed this video(s) on your website. Sharing is caring!
Lately I noticed a strong decline in the number of views on my videos. For a while I thought that my followers had gotten bored with my productions. But then I found out that views are no longer counted by Youtube and Vimeo when the video is embedded on a website using a so called pre-roll. A pre-roll is a commercial that is shown prior to my video. Apparently webmasters use this type of sponsoring to compensate for the hosting costs. Although I understand this, I can’t say that I’m too happy about it. Because I need to know my views on Youtube and Vimeo in order to rate my success. So, I’m asking you politely not to use pre-rolls on my videos!

PS: Looking for an audio / video designer? Send me a message on

Audio software in this production:
* Cakewalk Sonar X3d
* VST Native Instruments KONTAKT (Choir, orchestra)
* VST ReFX Nexus
* VST Sylenth1
* Adobe Audition CC 2014.1

Video software used in this production:
* Adobe After Effects CC 2014.0.2
* AE plugin Video Copilot Element 3D V2 (finally able to render shadows and object reflections – HELL YEAH!!)
* AE script Magnum The Edit Detector
* Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (video/soundtrack cover)

Thanx & greetz:
* My friends & co-workers for giving honest feedback on the video and soundtrack
* GermanSeaBass for his excellent arrangement of the original soundtrack
* Daft Punk for making the epic soundtracks/album for the movie TRON

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